Marceline, Missouri
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Fire Department
The Marceline Fire Department serves the Marceline City Limits. The fire department is housed in the Public Safety Building, which was completed in 1992. The city equipment consists of a 1992 Smeal Pumper Truck, a 1983 Ford Equipment Truck, and a 1990 Ford Vehicle Extrication Truck. The fire department also owns a 1981 ladder truck jointly with the Brookfield Fire Department. The fire department consists of 21 paid volunteer firefighters and one trainee. The firefighters are paid on a per call basis. Funding for the fire department comes from the city's general fund.

In addition to the City of Marceline, the fire department also answers calls for the Marceline Rural Fire Association. The Rural Fire Association reimburses the City of Marceline for firefighter salaries. The Rural Fire Association equipment consists of a 2006 Pierce Pumper, a 2006 Brush Truck, and a 1992 Smeal Tanker Truck. The association also has a 1976 Dodge Brush Truck on loan through the Missouri Department of Conservation. The area covered by the Rural Fire Association runs from approximately 5 miles north, 6 miles west, 14 miles south, and 4 miles east of the city limits. The total area covered is approximately 175 square miles. Funding for the Rural Fire Association comes from membership basis.

The fire department has mutual aid agreements with the Brookfield Fire Department, the Brookfield Rural Fire Association, Bynumville Fire Department, and the Yellowcreek Fire District.

The fire department also has several members who are First Responders for the Linn County Ambulance District. They also answer First Responder calls for the Chariton County Ambulance District.

The fire department also has vehicle extrication equipment and responds to all requests for assistance in the area.

The fire department also has a Dive Team and responds to all requests for assistance.

The fire department is involved in many civic endeavors and sponsors the Annual Fourth of July Celebration.

Jeri Holt, Fire Chief
Marceline Fire Department